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Little over seven hundred thousand people inhabited widely in lower fertile lands in the south to the great Himalayas in the north. Various ethnic groups like Ngalops, Sharchops, Lhotshampas, Bjops, Brokpas & Doyas are inhabitants of Bhutan. People of Bhutan are called drukpas, meaning people living in Druk Yul, land of thunder dragon. Bhutanese are soft spoken, never tired of smiling and generally has shy personality.

Ngalops, Mongoloid origin inhabited most of the western districts of Bhutan and follow Kagyupa form of Buddhism. Sharchops, Indo Mongolian origin inhabited eastern districts. They practice Ningmapa form of Buddhism and are supposed to be the earliest inhabitant of Bhutan. Lhotshampas, Nepalese origin, of Hindu background occupy southern districts. Bjops and Brokpas are found in the extreme north and north eastern region. Doyas live in south west region. There are around 18 dialects spoken by different ethnic groups in Bhutan.

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