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Conditions on Treks
Hotels & Equipment
For the cultural portion we use three to four star hotels mentioned under cultural packages, but whereas on the trek, we only use A-Shape two men sleeping tents or dome tents which are water, wind and snow proof. All the equipments used will be in good conditions.
Staffs & Services
Trekking tours are accompanied by trekking licensed chef, trained waiter and ponies for luggage. Trekkers get to walk freely with just your day pack/back pack, which includes light rain gear, cameras, light jacket and other necessary items. All your luggage, tents, kitchen utensils, grocery and vegetable items will be carried by ponies.
Riding ponies on Trek
Riding ponies on treks are not easily available, therefore we advise our trekkers to build good walking stamina, if you need, please inform us at least a week before the trek or during the time of booking.
Food on Trek
Energy giving snacks/chocolates along with teas will be served whenever needed or twice in a day. We serve high quality foods, at least three to four item meals and hot lunch most of the time. Trekkers may put on request if you practice special diet.
Equipment List (Regular Trekking)
  • A-Shape/Dome Shape sleeping tents
  • Dinning tent
  • Kitchen tent
  • Toilet tent
  • Thin water proof mattress
  • Dinning & kitchen utensils
Deluxe Trekking
All the treks can be upgraded into deluxe trekking on supplement cost basis. Most of the people don’t mind to pay extra and upgrade into deluxe trekking. The only difference between deluxe trekking and regular trekking is distinguished by equipments and facility provided to trekkers.
Equipment List (Deluxe Trekking)
  • Cottage sleeping tent
  • Sleeping bed
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bed sheets, pillow, head lights, towel, tent light
  • minimum 1 inch thick portable mattress
  • Gas heater
  • Dinning tent
  • Kitchen tent
  • Toilet tent
  • Dinner & kitchen utensils
Emergency on Trek
While on trek, all our staffs will be vigilant, helpful and will take good care of your health and diet. We may ask you to sign outdoor agreement before taking any outdoor programs.
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