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Food - Electricity - Currency - Language
Food : Delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes are easily available in Bhutan. There are pure vegetarian restaurant and hotel available for tourist in some part of the country, but we can organize variety of pure vegetarian dishes in all the places if you inform us in advance. Bhutanese dishes are rich with spicy chillies and cheese, visitors can enjoy the Bhutanese cuisine with less spice if that is your preference.

Electricity : The voltage supply in the Bhutan is 220-240 volts AC, 50 Hz. Standard Indian round pin sockets are normally used at all places.

Currency : Bhutanese currency is called Ngultrum (Nu) and is at par with Indian Rupee. US dollar, US Traveler’s cheques, Euro, Australian Dollar are widely used in Bhutan. Indian Rupee is acceptable all over Bhutan however it is not advisable to carry Rs 1,000/ and Rs 500/ denomination. Few handicraft stores and hotels can accept Amex and Visa cards but cash is preferred by all. No international ATM centers are available.

Language : Dzongkha is national language of Bhutan and a large number of local dialects are also spoken. English is the medium for educational instructions so most people in Bhutan can understand and speak English. Also locals at popular tourist destinations understand and speak Hindi.
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