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Tour Feedback
Date: 15-Nov to 26-Nov, 2013
Mr. TS Ngo x 2 Pax
Country: USA
Feedback: Thank you, Raju, Tek, and Ram for making this trip possible. The itinerary was well thought and planned out. I think twelve days gave us enough time to get immersed into the rich culture and history of Bhutan. The fond memories we brought home will always be cherished and treasured. The pictures we took will always remind us of the warm embrace we received while in Bhutan. Flying from BKK to Paro was one of the most exciting moments in this trip. The dense and fluffy cumulous clouds looked like cotton candies or soap suds. The aircraft felt like floating in the clouds. How much I wish I could play in the clouds!! Engaging with the local people while learning their culture is a humbling and a feel-good experience, especially those pleasurable moments we had with the elderly devotees in Rukubjee village and the children in Ura village. The rice paddies in Punakha, although they were not in their golden best or most vivid green, gave a spectacular performance in the given time of the year. Getting lost in the maze and stepping on the bull dung left us laughing all the times. The iconic Phallus painting in the façade of most houses is a unique sight to behold for travelers like us. They certainly add curve to our lips. Hearing the monks chanting accompanied by the powerful beats of drums and trumpets in Tango Monastery and nunnery in Thimphu were spiritually uplifting and enriching. The stunning view of Tiger Nest from a distance is a wow moment indelibly imprinted in our mind. Hiking up to this great architectural complex brought our experience much closer and more personal. The beef Paa and the chicken curry washed down with its local wine, Ara, is something to die for. No offense meant but I will skip the national food Ema Datshi because it gives me heartburn. Although we did not understand the entire play, the festival was fun to watch. By just sitting and enjoying the moments with the local people was some time well spent. Overall, this trip is one-of-a-kind travel experience. Thank you again for making this trip exceptional and compelling. Your commitment to client satisfaction is evident in this happy ending.
Date: 5-Nov, 2013 to 11-Nov, 2013
Ms. Meher Atul Ursekar x 2 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: We had very good trip, very good itinerary and best thing is we could modified as per our needs. Hotel Pema Karpo was excellent and Udumwara’s meals were delicious.
Date: 23-Aug, 2013 to 28-Aug, 2013
Dr. Sidharth Chaturvedi x 3 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: We had an amazing time in Bhutan, thanks to Heavenly Bhutan Travels. Right from the pick up at Paro airport, everything was taken care of. All the sightseeing, travel and stay were comfortable. Sangay (the guide) Nansuram (the driver) were both very helpful. Bhutan is a beautiful country which was made even more unforgettable because of the excellent planning and services of Heavenly Bhutan. Thanks a lot for everything.
Date: 10-Aug, 2013 to 29-Aug, 2013
Mr. Domenico Giandonato
Country: Italy
Feedback: I don’t usually send reviews for my trips, but this was a very special life journey and deserves a few words. Been traveling a lot in my life for business and pleasure. Ive always had the desire to visit Bhutan one day. Last May I made my decision. Browsing on line, I contacted a few travel agencies in Bhutan including “Heavenly Bhutan Travel”.

Mr. Raju from “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” was the only one who perfectly and quickly accommodated my desire on travel starting from the east of the country, in Samdrup Jongkhar, and ending to the west, in Paro. I mentioned to him the purpose and my interests for this trip as a solo tourist. I explained to him that I was interested on the every day life of the population inclusive of the spiritual, political and administrative aspects, traditions, nature and so on. I expressed my desire to stay in some five stars hotels in the country, Amankora and Uma by Como, but also in some more traditional and local accommodations. My twenty days itinerary was ready within the next day, with little to be adjusted and a selection of the places to visit and hotels that were impeccable.

When I met my guide Mr. Sajan and my driver Mr. Ram, in Samdrup Jongkhar, at the border entry, I was welcomed to this Heavenly Country with a blessing and a smile full of joy.

Mr. Sajan is an open encyclopedia. He knows every single detail of the country, every single corner. His knowledge of Buddhism, history and tradition of the country is impressive. He introduced me and exposed me to a lot of memorable people, events and music, which they will stay in me forever. Mr. Ram, is a wonderful person, very expert and smooth driver, impressive knowledge on the flora and the fauna of the country. With him as driver, I re-discovered the beauty and the utility of little things in nature. His sense of humor is enjoyable and funny.

I would like to thank you Mr. Raju, Mr. Sajan and Mr. Ram from “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” to have given me the opportunity to make one of my life’s dream come through. Unfortunately after twenty days I left the country, but I gain three new friends and a wonderful experience in the journey of life.

TashiDelek La “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” team, looking forward to see you soon!
Date: 21-Jul, 2013 to 26-Jul, 2013
Mr. Sandip Dutta x 2 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: The trip organized by Thomas Cook was excellent. The hotels were excellent, transports and guides were both excellent. Meals we had were all tasty and no comments. Thank you Heavenly Bhutan for looking after us.
Date: 20-May, 2013 to 26-May, 2013
Mr. Amrit Krishnan x 4 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: The entire trip was very well organized, all minutes details taken care of right from the pick up on 20-May, 2013 to drop back on 26-May, 2013, it was all covered. Well planned and excellent. No rush, very relaxed typical Bhutanese style. …. Great. All the hotels were of good quality in particular Punastangchu Cottages and Tashi Namgay Resort were outstanding. All the hotels, book good care to provide with some great food. The whole family simply loved it (Heavenly Bhutan staffs, hotels and hotel staffs). The vehicle was very roomy and comfortable. Drive was very professional and a safe driver. And a humble person. Guide was great guy, he was able to explain important of all places and showed us the ways. Punctual and helpful. Went out of the way to take us some good restaurants for lunch. The guide and driver made great pair for Heavenly Bhutan. We received all the information from M/s Vacation Exotic from India. We are really looking forward to hiking trip in future. We will be back soon to use your excellent services.
Date: 19-May,2013 to 25-May, 2013
Prof. S.C. Lakhotia x 2 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: Dear Mr. Raju,
This small note is to record our deep appreciation for all the arrangement made for our trip to Bhutan. This has been a most enjoyable trip. It was made much more comfortable by excellent guide Mr. Tek Brd and the equally excellent driver Mr. Ram. The two of them looked after our comfort well with very good driving and guidance. Mr. Tek impressed us with his knowledge, philosophy and very polite manner. Mr. Ram’s driving was a pleasure to experience and his friendly nature and all around knowledge added to the pleasure that we had during this trip. If we come again to Bhutan, we would like to have this pair to take care of our trip. Thanking you once again for making our 1st trip to Bhutan a memorable experience.
Prof. S.C. Lakhotia, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221 005, India.
Date: 14-May, 2013 to 22-May, 2013
Mr. Hitesh Dolarray Buch x 4 Pax
Country: India
Feedback: We had booked trip through Thomas Cook and Heavenly Bhutan was our ground handler in Bhutan, we had excellent trip with them. Thank you all for taking good care of us.
Date: 30-Apr, 2013 to 9-May 2013
Mr. Pablo x 2 Pax
Country: Chile
Feedback: Dear Raju and team of Heavenly Bhutan Travel agency,
We hope your are all in good shape. We are now in Chile, with our families and facing once again our everyday routine. But we don’t forget you and beatiful Bhutan. We want you to know that thanks to you and your team, our journey through Bhutan was an unforgetfull and surprising experience.

Raju, having met us on our arrival and later, when we were leaving, including presents for our daughters, was a very warm and unexpected way to receive us, which we appreciate. We are also grateful for the special care you took to meet all our demands during all our stay. We thank Tibi, our loyal, friendly and wise guide (and good trecker, too), always attentive and mindfull during all our journey. We felt in good hands.

We thank Ram (Rambo) and his excelent good humour, his expert conduction of the car and the fishing cane which gave us the oportunity of tasting excelent trouts directly picked up from the river. We are also thankfull for our comfortable and excelent car, in which we felt almost as the royal family: Doors were opened, suitcases picked up, our desires were orders “foto, foto…please stop.” But also for the itinerary you chosed for us which included not only the magnificent monuments of your country, incredible sightseeings, jacks, monkeys, but also long and some times tiresome treckings which made us loose some fat and plumpiness; for visiting the school of arts and crafts; arriving at excelent Hotels and restaurants, having good local food an lots and lots of chile !!!!!!!!! including a birthday cake with candles; local dances and so many other incredible experiences difficult to forget. Finally we want to tell you that your country, with its magestic and non contaminated beauty, during the hours and hours of drive, was a perpetual cause for wonder and emotion, the same as your people, always gentle and similing. We felt always welcomed.

I highly recomend people wanting to visit this magic country, to get in touch with Raju and his Heavenly Bhutan Travel agency. I can assure all that they will not be disappointed. I am enclosing some photographs for new clients to come.
We have many other photos, if you need more I can send them in little groups because of the weight.
Un gran abrazo para todos, Pablo y Barbara It means “a big hug for all of you”
Date: 17-Feb, 2013 to 23-Feb, 2013
Ms. Elizabeth A Nagel Homes x 3 Pax
Country: Chile
Feedback: We had very good trip with Heavenly Bhutan, the itinerary was good although there was flight cancelation due to weather condition but we could cover all the cities and sightseeing as per the program. Foods in the hotels were tasty and not so spicy. We experienced kindness and good disposition of the hotels personals. Vehicle provided was very comfortable and excellent. Tej drove us safely and had always very good disposition. Our guide Ram was excellent, was always punctual, friendly and helpful. He had very good disposition for our requirement, answered all the questions with good knowledge. We thank Heavenly Bhutan for making our stay so comfortable and memorable trip.
Dibya-Singapore - 2012
Feedback: Dear Raju,
Thank you so very much for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. It was amazing trip and everything was perfectly organized. We didn’t realize we have already spent 8 days in Bhutan. We will be back to you to explore more of your beautiful country within next few years to use your services again.
Professor-Sari Los Angeles, California, USA 90064 - 2012
Feedback: Dear Raju,
We just reached Phuentsholing from Paro this afternoon. The trip was excellent. I want to thank you profoundly for all your help and caring. I will definitely suggest and recommend your services to my friends in the tourism and education field. I wish you and staffs all the best.
Julie & Linda- New York, USA - 2012
Feedback: Dear Raju,
Thanks so much. It has been a wonderful trip and you have done a great job organizing everything, including making all the changes to ensure that we had a most memorable vacation.
We enjoyed our time with Sajan your guide. He is very knowledgeable, answering all our many questions, as well as being most pleasant to spend time with. Everything more than met our expectations. We will recommend you to all our friends. Let us know if your service ever expands to include other countries.
Sonia & Manju- Mumbai, India - 2012
Feedback: This was our first trip to Bhutan and, I must say, it was fabulous! Everything about it was great and I would definitely recommend dealing with Raju and this company again. Ganga was a great tour guide who answered all our questions. All was at a great pace. Rinchen was a superb driver.
Thank you.
Ms. Mari, Katena & Fumika, Japan – Aug, 2011
Feedback: Unforgettable Trip in Bhutan- I can’t describe how wonderful that trip in Bhutan was. We had been to Bhutan last summer 2010, and had great time with Sajan Rai (Heavenly Bhutan guide, he was cheerful and had nice personality), also people and culture and nature so amazing and wonderful. So we really wanted to come back again.

This year we had a different purpose for the trip. It was to know how people think in Bhutan. I wanted to interview with various people in Bhutan. The questions were ‘What do you think about GNH (Gross Nation Happiness)?’ ‘What does the happiness mean for you?’’ So this time, Raju Rai, wonderful and cleaver CEO (also guide) of Heavenly Bhutan had coordinated all our trip. He made all our dreams in Bhutan come true. We could meet a lot of people in Bhutan and could interview. The guide-book says if you go to Bhutan, you never be disagreeable, I think it is true. People were very friendly and welcomed any people in Bhutan; this part is the point why I love Bhutan.Traveling to Bhutan makes people challenger and to think about how we live in the future. Why do I think so, the reason is the wonderful nature and warm people. Next time, I really want to go back to Bhutan again!

Ms. Lekha Menon, Mumbai India - September, 2010
Feedback: I am glad I chose to visit Bhutan, it’s indeed a heavenly place to be. Heavenly Bhutan Travels made my stay very comfortable and memorable. They were professional and prompt-two qualities, I would like in my travel agent. I would definitely like to visit again and would avail their services. Ms. Lekha Menon, Mumbai, Times of India.
Mr. Krupesh, Reepa, Bhavesh and Sonal Patel, Singapore - March 2010
Feedback: For a first time visit to Bhutan, this was just a fantastic trip, we covered a numbers of sites and our guide (Raju) was just superb –imparting his knowledge made us appreciate and understand Bhutan’s cultures and traditions and history much better. Our guide really made a difference and we appreciated Bhutan a lot more because of him.
Mr. Tom Hanlon, US - November, 2009
Feedback: I would highly recommend the brother team of Sajan and Raju Rai as a tour guide while visiting the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan.

On a recent business trip to India, I decided to spend a week in Bhutan after seeing an Television episode of "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" on the the New York Today Morning Show (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/18430901#18430901). The idea of a place where the country measures "gross national happiness" combined in the setting of the Himalayan mountains intrigued me.

The next step was arranging a visit. This is where my good fortune began. I contacted Sajjan and Raju based on a recommendation from a friend that had spent his honeymoon in Bhutan, and the rest was simple.

I simply provided a budget and areas of interest and Sajan and Raju took it from there. They met me at the airport upon arrival and took me on a magical journey that ranged from the beauty of a "sunset climb of the Tiger's Nest" to a game of Snookers(similar to American Pool) with the local Bhutanese. I hope you enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of the country and the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan as much as I did. Sajjan and Raju made this memory an unforgettable experience

Ms. Pam & Andy Gibson, Allison Hedger and Pete Gebhardt , Australia October- 2009
Feedback: Alll all-around amazing experience, starting from our first email to Raju, which Raju Rai promptly responded to with a friendly reply that engaged us immediately. It only got better from there, peaking with our 10 days guided tour by Sajan Rai through his beautiful country which we know we'll come back to visit soon. We would highly recommend Bhutan, and specifically Sajan the guide, to anyone who's looking for a memorable , unique and spectacular travel adventure. Sajan Rai was a fantastic guide, and became a great friend to us all by the end of the 10 days. He was a wealth of information, as well as being good-humoured, fun and flexible. We truly feel that he made the trip better than what it would have been without him, and as a result the trip more than exceeded expectations for all of us. Sajan went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasoions., a great person who was a pleasure to be around. We plan to recommend Sajan and his company, to all of our friends and family, and we'd like to come back again, and be guided by Sajan. Thanks to Raju and Sajan for bringing such joy to all of us on this special trip, we'll be back! Tashi Delek!!
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